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"There are very few names on the list of people I choose to work with. Brad has a open and curious mind when it comes to creating and has a great ear when it comes to mixing and mastering my songs..."



Brad has always had a passion for music. He  works out of his own private mix studio, Taylor Sound, located in Calgary, Alberta. He has had the fortune of working in some world renown studios such as Vancouver's Greenhouse Studios with Todd Kerns (from Age of Electric and Slash) as well as Bennet Studios in New Jersey with Grammy Awarded Engineer Dave Kowalski.  In 2008 he created Taylor Sound, a mobile recording business at first which grew into a full service production and mix facility in 2010.

Brad is always furthering his knowledge about recording and audio techniques and is currently working towards his master certificate in Music production at Berklee Online.


the studio

brad taylor


  • Files are transferred via Dropbox
  • Please supply us with a rough mix of your song with all effects left on
  • All tracks should be dry (no effects) when being transferred to studio unless it is a crucial effect ie:The Edge U2 .
  • Final approved tracks will not be released until payment is made in full. Financing is an option for larger projects.
  • Payment can be made via E-Transfer or PayPal.
  • Tweaks are always expected. A reference mix or example of a 'sound alike style' is encouraged to give the engineer a solid starting point in achieving the desired sound or special effect.

professional mastering suite

All mastering is done using Titan Mastering studio and equipment. for more details


Studio Rates

All Mixing, Editing and Consultation Services are billed out at $50/Hour.

Mixing times will depend on number of tracks and production requests. Please contact to discuss a flat rate for your song or ongoing project.

Editing includes drums, tuning and general clean up of tracks. On average a drum edit will take 1 Hour.

singer-songwriter Package

  (6 Tracks or Less)

This is a mix and mastering package for songwriters who wish to have a professional mix of their work. Recorded tracks are provided to the studio.  Includes: DIY Consultation / Tuning of 1 Lead and 1 Harmony Vocal / Mastering Services

  • $175 / Song  
  • $400 / 3 Songs   
  • $700 / 5 Songs

Click Here for an audio example this package.


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Brad has been working out of  his personal professional mixing studio since 2010. The studio boasts a combination of digital and analogue gear to maximize the best of both worlds. No genre is off  limits, no project is too big or too small. Wether your songs were tracked at our facility or another or even in your bedroom, your tracks will come back to you sounding big, polished and professional.

business Package

(Up To 20 Tracks)

This package caters to the home studio musicians who may be looking to professionally mix out their recordings for the purpose of furthering their music careers ie: Publishing or Tv/Film placement /Full Band Demo. All tracks are produced by the artist.

Includes: DIY Consultation, Mastering Service

  • $200 / Song

Click Here for an audio example of this package.

Recording Engineer